atelier | ˌadlˈyā |


a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.

atelierseven (A7) is an Atlanta based studio specializing in architecture for public and private realms. Founded in 2012, the firm has a wide-ranging body of work encompassing corporate, religious, academic, healthcare, recreation, senior, and residential facilities.

Our goal is to use our skills as architects and designers in order to make a contribution to the improvement of our communities. Our vision is to utilize our knowledge, optimism, creativity, persistence and technical expertise to impact lives through our physical environment and surroundings. atelierseven's  practice is guided by 7 strategic principles:


We remain committed to architecture as a COLLABORATIVE ENTERPRISE.  We focus on developing partnerships across disciplines to integrate design and architectural form with attention to budgets, schedules and feasibility.


We explore opportunities for UP-CYCLING and reuse of existing materials. We are deeply rooted in the genesis of PREFABRICATED solutions resulting in efficient and sustainable building components.


Our team spends time with each client in a rigorous process of EXPLORATION to ensure the best solution.


We are CREATIVE. Our design process includes client ENGAGEMENT that leads to innovative and imaginative design solutions.


Our firm is committed to environmentally RESPONSIBLE building design and incorporates SUSTAINABLE concepts where feasible within each project’s budget.


We connect people to places. Our vision is to create INSPIRING spaces to better everyday life for many people.


We listen carefully to our client’s in order to ascertain their needs and provide CREATIVE solutions to realize their visions.