The initial idea considered multiple container modules merged to create a large open space, then subdivided into rooms, but the budget could not support the number of modifications and steel reinforcement needed to achieve this diagram.

Tony decided to shear the walls from two containers, spread them apart to create the necessary square footage within this void, and infill both floor and roof with traditional wood joist members to enclose the span.

The sloped lot provided the clearances needed to get to the underside of the building to anchor the framing system. Tony developed custom details to anchor the joist to the steel framing channels and provided the required ceiling insulation within the wood ceiling joist. The solution provides for a very efficient open plan with lots of natural light through an end wall operable garage door and skylights. the WILSON house represents our firm’s 2nd hybrid home and is the first of a series of prototypes based on this planning concept. The house is also the 3rd container home constructed in Atlanta.