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A cozy sea container house in woods

Atelier 7 is an architectural design practice specialized in shipping container, modular systems, and pre-fab building systems for bespoke mixed-use, residential, and adaptive reuse projects.

Atelier coined from the French word for ‘Workshop or Studio’, was selected to embody the ideals of a collaborative workspace. 7 comes from the set of ideals we carry forth on every project we execute. These are the 7 ideals that drive us and make us who we are.


Having the curiosity to explore the unique and full potential of every opportunity


Include our clients and industry experts as welcomed collaborators


Desire to research, explore, design and deliver the best


Seek a creative harmony between the object and the environment


As creative thinkers, seek alternative and atypical project solutions


Make great design accessible


Conviction to bring the best solutions to life

A small container house in woods

We have one purpose - to become the ‘Disrupters’ of the built environment - to design the best solution, to create an object or system that contributes to the fulfillment of real human needs while preserving or complementing the natural world.

A family relaxing in a sea container house

The process of building a sea container home with us.


This is an information gathering and processing phase. Before we start to design, we collect all the information about the project to use in developing the design. We will work together to identify project goals, program, site constraints, opportunities and develop the project roadmap. This includes information about the site, any existing structure(s), codes, deed restrictions, site utilities, access, budget, schedule, and spatial program.

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Ideas, Exploration, Reality

This is where the rough shape of the building and the ideas are formed. We begin by drafting a narrative for the project, called a ‘parti’, which we’ll reference throughout the project. This seed idea is used to help us make decisions as the project becomes more detailed and better defined. It’s a rulebook of sorts.  Conceptual estimates and duration timelines are also developed, along with fabricator and contractor sources.

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The Instruction Manual

This phase fixes all of the information about the house into a detailed set of drawings and specifications that will be used by the Contractor and/or Fabricator for pricing and construction. Think of it as an instruction manual. Before beginning, we’ll discuss whether you’d like to pursue a bid price contract or a negotiated contract; field or factory fabrication and we’ll craft the drawings and level of detail in those drawings based on those decisions.

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Getting It Built

After the contract is awarded and construction begins, we act as your agent on-site, monitor progress, review applications for payment, and ensure conformance with the contract documents. We don’t tell the contractor how to do his work; We just make sure he’s doing the things he’s contractually promised to do. Upon substantial completion of construction, we will review the work with you and verify any work to be completed or corrected by the contractor before final payment.

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Atelier7 is a full-service sea containers architecture firm.

Design Consultation

The discovery phase. We work together to identify project goals and programs, understand site constraints and opportunities, and form a project road map.

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Budgeting The Project

Budgeting the costs of design and construction is an essential first step to help you avoid surprises and frustration. We will work with you to develop the construction cost and manage the budget throughout the course of the project.

Agency Approvals And Permitting

We are experts at working with local and state jurisdictions in determining the best pathway towards obtaining approval on your container project.  Our goal is to make this an enjoyable process and take the burden of negotiating with building and planning officials away from you.


We are a full-service architectural practice using an assortment of digital tools and processes to develop detailed drawings, renderings, specifications, and contracts to build your custom home. With over 30 years of documentation experience and collaborative relationships with major container fabricators, we bring the necessary skill set to accomplish any task.


We work with you, the contractor, and the permitting agencies and finalize the completion and occupancy of your new home.  From inspection services, warranty cataloging, and final payments to contractors and sub-contractors, we work to ensure a turn-key delivery of your custom sea container home.

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As an architect, designer, developer, our job is to solve design problems and help bring your ideas to reality. We turn recycled shipping containers into tailor-made spaces - new single-family homes, new multi-family, commercial buildings, retail, urban infill, and temporary structures.

Flexible architecture for any dreams and sizes

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