We design custom places with shipping containers

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A shipping container house from drone

Recycled shipping containers: the ultimate in reduce, reuse and recycle

We believe in high-quality design and our team draws inspiration from art, literature, history, and leading creative thinkers to create alternative and atypical project solutions.

A cozy interior of a shipping container house

Shipping Container Living

Atelier 7 utilizes factories around the United States and Canada. Our five years of experience building relationships within this industry makes a difference.

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A shipping container office interior

Shipping Container Offices

Shipping Container Offices allow a client to stretch the limits and use multiple containers to capture a unique, modern aesthetic. We’re are seeing a lot of companies serving the co-working market use shipping containers.

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a coffee shop build from sea containers

Shipping Containers for Specialty Projects

Atelier 7 designs retail shops, pop-up restaurants, and mobile libraries branches, to iconic container parks, our goal is to create the kinds of immersive environments that leave an impact on people.

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Atelier 7 gives a second life to retired maritime shipping containers, thus reducing waste.

We recycle the steel structures and reuse them for various types of buildings. In combination with our minimalist designs and religious use of recycled products, this is how we make our contribution to protecting the environment.

We have one purpose - to become the ‘Disrupters’ of the built environment - to design the best solution, to create an object or system that contributes to the fulfillment of real human needs while preserving or complementing the natural world.Anthony Pope, Atelier7 Principal
Anthony Pope shipping containers architect in United States

Meet our

As an architect, designer, developer, our job is to solve design problems and help bring your ideas to reality. We turn recycled shipping containers into tailor-made spaces - new single-family homes, new multi-family, commercial buildings, retail, urban infill, and temporary structures.

Flexible architecture for any dreams and sizes

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